Assalamualaikum sisters!!! Our premium Square Hijab is back. We have choose certain suppliers that will supply us with the highest quality of square hijab. Majority of the product is been made from top grade of Cotton Viscose material. Cotton Viscose has a silky appearances and feel extremely comfortable, it breathes like cotton and has a good 'drape'. Get the hand feel of the material and you going to fall in love with it...
Faster buy it..the stock keep decreasing..hope you will get the design you most wanted..have a good day sisters!!

About Us

Type of Business

Our business is mainly established to provide our customers with pretty and comfortable feel of hijabs

Vision and Mission.
We believe that Less is More. our mission is to design head covers that are simple, unique and trendy.

Target Market.
Our target market is form female customers ranging from young to old female customers. We have conducted the survey to find out the market share of hijabs before we enter this market.


  1. comel comel tudung. terasa nak beli, tapi tunggu gaji lah ye :)